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final watermarkdark flowerDBF7.JPG

  "Live Life"

live life with a joyful heart

a caring soul

and magic in your eyes

- kathryn lentz

6x6" print    $15.00 + tax

Broad Billed Hummingbird .jpg

     "Broad Billed Hummer"

         8x10"  $22.00 + tax

Calf Time .JPG

                   "Calf Time"

           8x10"   $22.00 + tax

The Sunflower .jpg

           "The Sunflower"

          8x10"  $22.00 + tax

Intent .jpg


      11x14"   $45.00 + tax

Gramps .jpg


          8x10"   $22.00 + tax

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