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Gramps and his pals can dive 300 feet, moving boulders and shells and finding starfish to greet.

Each square inch of fur has one million hairs. That's more than your dog or reindeer or bears!

Gramps the otter loves to dive especially when there's an audience.

He even chatters and whistles with his otter pals, but when it's time to sleep, they hold hands so they don't drift away. The best thing about Gramps the otter, though, is his freedom! He gets to live wild and free near the bay so we can learn from him and see his cool tricks in his own home.

Weaving rhymes with fun facts, author Kathy Lentz educates children on sea otters and their habitat.

With ten additional Otterly Awesome Facts in the back, kids can learn even more about these playful characters. Gramps the Awesome Otter is a lively and easy-to-read book for ages 4-8.

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