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My legs don't work well - that's why Millie's here.

She winnies to me, and I let out a cheer!

Millie's ready to help if I stumble or falter.

But with my mini right there, I can hold her halter.

Millie is a miniature horse who helps children with their therapy plans. Thanks to her, it's easier to do stretches, make new friends, and even wind down at nap time.

She loves to gallop, eat, and play, but her favorite part of the day is making everyone smile.

Through delightful rhymes, Kathryn Lentz introduces children to mini horses and how they assist boys and girls in their everyday lives.

Educating every reader about miniature horses, ten Marvelous Mini Facts can be found in the back.

Millie the Marvelous Mini  is an endearing read for ages 4-8.

Kathryn Lentz is also the author of Gramps the Awesome Otter.

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