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Kathy Lentz is a children’s author, wildlife photographer, and animal educator. A retired pet groomer of thirty-seven years, she rescued dozens of dogs and cats and ensured every pet found wonderful homes with her clients.

Through over 20 years of traveling in the US, Kathy has dedicated her time to learning more about animals and nature, which inspired her debut children’s book, Gramps the Awesome Otter. Her second book- Millie the Marvelous Mini, is followed by - Max with One Ear Up and One Ear Down, Sage The Very Smart Bear and her newest, I Want and Eagle or a Beagle

When Kathy's not photographing amazing wildlife, horses and dogs, you can find her writing more story ideas, reading her books in classrooms and teaching children about their own wildlife environments. She also includes creative art projects for each book.

Kathy grew up in the Midwest and lives with her amazing husband, two dogs, and Louie the cat.

   Q and A

How did your interest in animals begin?

I remember wishing only for a dog of my own as a small child. I brought home stray dogs to be told they already had homes.

Every dog was my friend and every television show and book with an animal was my favorite. It seemed like an eternity but I finally got my first dog at seven years old.

My Dad was the animal and nature lover in the family and I'm fortunate he passed that along to me.

Did books influence your path in life?

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Yes, As a small child I  read "The Pokey Little Puppy" (Janette Sebring, 1942). As a young teen, "Misty of Chincoteague" (Marguerite Henry, 1947). Finally, my all time adult favorite "All Creatures Great and Small" (James Heriott, 1972).

This contributed to setting my life’s course from pet care and rescue to wildlife photography to writing children’s picture books.

Certainly to write more stories about amazing animals. 

My wish is that every parent and child has fun together reading about "Gramps the Awesome Otter", "Millie the Marvelous Mini" and "Max With One Ear Up and One Ear Down," Sage the Very Smart Bear" and "I Want an Eagle or a Beagle."

I hope that they are inspired in a way that makes them remember these positive stories in the years to come.

I would be honored if one day your children shared Gramps, Millie, Max and Eagle/Beagle with their own children.

What are your goals for the future?

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